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Mocha and Latte are brother and sister Chihuahua's. Mocha is totally blind from an accident when he was only 6 months old. He got his head jammed in a door when he lived with his previous owner. He had brain damage which caused the blindness and also misshaped his jaw. He had his left eye removed a few months later. So far his right eye is healthy but blind. I am hoping this blog will be of some help to other owners of blind dogs. Mocha has taught us so much all ready!

Living life on the edge

Living life on the edge
Mocha likes to sit in high places so he can "see" things better...:-) Or he just likes to live dangerously?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Toilet training

We were told that Mocha and Latte were potty trained, but found out later that they were paper trained and we think they had never been outside the apartment they lived in, so you can imagine the panic when we put them down in the grass! They had never seen grass before and they just froze like little statues. It took about a month of taking them out every hour to go potty and now they just stand by the back door when they want to go. The trouble is they never make a sound to let me know and they just wait. They only bark when there is someone at the door. and they growl when they play fight. We have never had such quiet dogs! They have been with us now for 6 months and they are completely toilet trained now and they just love going outside every chance they get. As a matter of fact they are pretty perfect little dogs and we love them to bits :-)


  1. How old are Mocha and Latte? Does Mocha ever pump into anything? Does she ever get scare of sounds she does not recognize?
    Thanks for the information you are sharing. It helps me with our Samson.

  2. Mocha and Latte will be 2 Years old in April. He does not bump into things very often only when things have been moved, he occasionally bumps into objects like thin chrome dining table and chair legs, There are so many of them under the table I suppose it is a bit like an obstacle course:-)He never bumps into solid objects like walls or a couch he seems to be able to sense them and turn or stop before he hits it. Mocha does not scare easily he's a very bossy dog and even chases our big dogs.(good thing they are so easy going:-)He is a bit scared of strange dogs (tries to bite them) and people and he takes a long time to get to know and trust them. I am new at this blogging thing, I think they are a great way to help each other. Thank you for following my blog.