Welcome to our "dog blog"

Mocha and Latte are brother and sister Chihuahua's. Mocha is totally blind from an accident when he was only 6 months old. He got his head jammed in a door when he lived with his previous owner. He had brain damage which caused the blindness and also misshaped his jaw. He had his left eye removed a few months later. So far his right eye is healthy but blind. I am hoping this blog will be of some help to other owners of blind dogs. Mocha has taught us so much all ready!

Living life on the edge

Living life on the edge
Mocha likes to sit in high places so he can "see" things better...:-) Or he just likes to live dangerously?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mocha before his eye removal

This is how Mocha looked before his left eye was removed. This is the picture that was used to find them a new home, Impossible to resist! And I wasn't even looking for a dog...:-)
Adopting them was one of the best things I have done!
Even with one eye missing he still looks sooooo handsome!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Traveling in style.

Mocha and latte love riding in the car in their own personal travel pod. It is really one for a big dog but I like them to have plenty of room so they can play as well as sleep in it. If anyone (like a cat) tries to get into it they growl and chase them out, they are very protective of their travel home! When they first came to us they were really scared and were shaking all the time but it only took a few rides for them to get use to the car, although it took a bit longer for mocha because he can't look out the window to see what is happening and where we are going. We talk to him a lot so that he knows we are there with him. We don't like to leave them when we go away so now they come with us almost everywhere, unless it is a really hot day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our favorite game

Mocha and Latte love playing with their ball, but they just can't decide who owns it...:-) They have more balls but they always both want the same one.