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Mocha and Latte are brother and sister Chihuahua's. Mocha is totally blind from an accident when he was only 6 months old. He got his head jammed in a door when he lived with his previous owner. He had brain damage which caused the blindness and also misshaped his jaw. He had his left eye removed a few months later. So far his right eye is healthy but blind. I am hoping this blog will be of some help to other owners of blind dogs. Mocha has taught us so much all ready!

Living life on the edge

Living life on the edge
Mocha likes to sit in high places so he can "see" things better...:-) Or he just likes to live dangerously?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morning walk

Every morning we take all our dogs for a 45 minute walk, including Mocha and Latte. They really love it and get all exited when I pick up their halters and leads. Most people think that chihuahuas don't need exercise but I think it does them a lot of good, we have been taking them for about 3 months now, They have no trouble keeping up and an added bonus is that I have not had to trim their nails since we started. Mocha usually follows Latte but when I take him walking by himself he is very confident and walks at full speed and even likes to run. In this clip Mocha and Latte run to catch up with King and Maya. Mocha is the one in front:-) Mocha just proves that blind dogs can do anything!
PS. Sorry about the finger on the lens, (I still have a lot to learn about making video's:-)


  1. Beautiful country! And I am so excited to see Mocha enjoy his walks. Samson is so afraid of his collar, but I have hope one day he'll enjoy walks as much as Mocha! I also love your harness - they work great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. J.E.R.B.
    Mocha was the same, he was 14 months old when he came here and he had never worn one. He just stood in one place like he had a lead weight around his neck and he wouldn't move. But it didn't take too long for him to except it. I think most puppy's don't like a collar the first time:-) I'm sure Samson will except it and enjoy walking in no time!